Event Horizon – Exodus (Part 1)

This is a collaboration between me and Rick van der Eerden from back in 2017 released under one of my project names: Event Horizon. It’s the 1st part of a two-piece musical exploration about how wasteful, virus like and expending mankind can be. Eventually leading to an exodus to other planets…

Armandox – Dark Emotions

Everybody has this darker place in their soul, hidden somewhere. Most of us keep it locked up and hidden away, but every now and then it needs to come out and surface. So this is not at all a polished track, but rather raw, gritty and even angry. From the core to the core…

Event Horizon – Exodus

A couple of years ago I composed and recorded this track called Exodus together with Rick v.d. Eerden under the monicker Event Horizon. Sound landscapes made with a combination of real synthesizers like the Moog Little Phatty, Waldorf Streichfett, Arturia MicroBrute, Roland D-50 and various plugins. After refreshing the mix […]

TanmaDance – I Am Nothing

Every now and then you come across music you wouldn’t really directly be linked with, but TanmaDance comes from the spacesynth-scene and we got into talks about this track ‘I Am Nothing’ and if I would be willing to mix and master it for them? Since I am absolutely not […]