N1kita – Get Your Life Back


Nienke, or N1kita, wrote this song a couple of years ago. I heard it and had a ‘click’ with it, so I decided to re-record it and completely reproduce it

The bpm’s went up and from stale rockballad it went to more catchy dancetrack. Some remixes by various artists are still in the works, but here is the original mix and the radio edit:

Dark Emotions new single released


My latest single Dark Emotions has been released

Recently I got ‘wind’ of this plugin called Arcade by Output, so I decided to give it a try and started messing around with it. I was also just blewn off by a girl that I’m particularly fond of and she didn’t answer my feelings, and that kinda put me in a dark place for a short while. It however brought me to write and record this tune and put emotions and feelings into place. So yes, despite what you are used from me, this song sounds kind of dark and gloomy, but also it’s a step away from the usual happy tunes that I tend to make…

Interview on Slay Radio


Last thursday (December 19th, 2019) I had an impromptu interview on Slay Radio with Ziona and Slaygon

We had a little talk about what I’ve been doing the past year, my newly started music production company ASE Music, the latest track I’m working on, plans for the future and even got handed an idea for one of my next remixes. You can hear the whole interview on Youtube:

TanmaDance – I Am Nothing


Every now and then you come across music you wouldn’t really directly be linked with, but TanmaDance comes from the spacesynth-scene and we got into talks about this track ‘I Am Nothing’ and if I would be willing to mix and master it for them?

Since I am absolutely not afraid to step out of my comfort-zone I got to mixing and tinkering while thinking about this name TanmaDance, and I just had to know and eventually also had to ask…: So the story goes that the name TanmaDance came to be between producers-duo Tanner and Harman, through their two biggest interests, namely LEGO Bionicle and spacesynth music to (in Jay Tanner’s own words) “create a musical landscape befitting of the beloved, action-filled multimedia franchise”. Spacesynth music like that from i.e. Laserdance, of which these producers bear reminiscence and are akin to. The vocal samples in this track are spoken lines read from the finale of the “Mata Nui Online Game”.

It was fun and interesting to work on this track and I loved to mix and master it. Please enjoy some righteous spacesynth music old-skool style!