Everybody has this darker place in their soul, hidden somewhere. Most of us keep it locked up and hidden away, but every now and then it needs to come out and surface. So this is not at all a polished track, but rather raw, gritty and even angry. From the core to the core…

“Dark Emotions” is a musical voyage into the enigmatic abyss of the human soul, an unfiltered exploration of the concealed emotions that dwell within us all. Armandox crafts a sonic tapestry that unravels the complexities of our innermost shadows. This raw and gritty composition serves as a cathartic conduit, urging listeners to confront the unspoken turmoil within, fostering a profound connection to the visceral beauty of vulnerability. In the unpolished notes and resonating beats, we find an invitation to embrace the authenticity of our own darkness, transcending it into an exquisite symphony of self-discovery.