Armandox – Industrial Fun(k)

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What happens if you let Armandox loose on a Fender Rhodes Mark I? Well… something like this. Usually in live situations I love to fiddle with the volume-knob of the Rhodes to get her into overdrive and such. I guess for this track I took it a bit easy… and yes, you got to treat an old lady well, because she serves you so much better if you do!


Armandox – It Began In Africa (Radio Edit)

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Back in 2002 I was sitting behind my computer listening to the album Zoolook from Jean-Michel Jarre once again, and in the 2nd movement of the song Ethnicolor I suddenly had the idea to do a house/dance track using a sample from that track.

That’s what lays at the basic of this house tune I conjured up then. I started recording (my own) vocals and processing them together with coming up with some kind of theme/melody to carry the tune on the foundation of a steady four-to-the-floor house-beat. Here’s the result…