After a few months of working on different projects in various locations, I was thrilled to bring back my PreSonus StudioLive series III 64S mixing console into my home studio. I have been longing for the power and flexibility of my favorite digital mixer. I was eager to reconnect it to my speakers, microphones, instruments, and computer, and start making some awesome music.

The StudioLive 64S is not just a mixer, it’s a complete ecosystem that integrates with my stage boxes, personal monitor mixers, switches, and other StudioLive series III mixers via built-in AVB networking. It also has a 128-channel (64×64) USB interface that enables me to record and stream with ease. And with the quad-core FLEX DSP Engine powering 526 simultaneous processors, I can handle any mixing challenge with 76 mixing channels, 43 buses, and an astounding array of effects and plug-ins.

As I set up the mixer on my desk and connected it to my gear, I felt a rush of excitement. I remembered how easy it is to recall my settings with the touch-sensitive motorized faders and seamless integration with my Studio One DAW. I also appreciate the onboard multitrack SD card recorder that let me capture live performances and do virtual soundchecks. And I love the intuitive workflow and the sleek design of the mixer, with its color-coded buttons, LCD screens, and scribble strips.

I turned on the mixer and watched the lights come to life. I grabbed my headphones and plugged them in. I opened up my Studio One DAW (the integrated software that comes with the mixer) and loaded up one of my projects. I pressed play and listened to the sound.

It was amazing.

The StudioLive 64S deliveres superior sound quality with its patented digital control over analog circuits and its lauded analog XMAX mic preamp design. The sound is clear, crisp, and balanced. The bass is deep and punchy. The highs are bright and airy. The mids are warm and rich.

I smiled and reached for the faders. I started to tweak the levels, EQs, compressions, reverbs, delays, and other effects on each channel. I use the 32 FlexMixes to create aux buses, subgroups, or matrix and monitor and streaming mixes as needed. I  can assign channels to DCAs to control groups of them easily. I experimented with different sounds and styles, from rock to pop to EDM.

I am in my zone.

The StudioLive 64S is more than a mixer. It is my partner in crime. It is my creative tool. It is my musical inspiration.

The whole house and garden suddenly became a recording studio. It is great to have it back right beside me in my home studio, where it belongs!

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