Event Horizon is painting musical landscapes with synthesizers

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Together with my dear friend Rick v.d. Eerden we embarked on a new project which we gave the name Event Horizon. We’re working on an album called Exodus.

Exodus reflects the journey and desire of leaving earth in search of new places. Using many beautiful ‘analog’ instruments such as the Doepfer Dark Energy, Moog Little Phatty, etc. we’re working on an epic musical storytelling yourney. As a preview we’re proud to let you hear the first track of this forthcoming album:


Armandox ft. Gerard & Rebecca – Islands In The Stream

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Well folks, here is my latest track. Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton first released this song back in 1983. Written by the brothers Gibb, otherwise known as The Bee Gees, who took the title from an Ernest Hemingway novel.

Rebecca Schouw and Gerard Kielenstijn recorded their own version, after which I offered them to do remix, and so here we are… Fun fact: The Gibb’s originally wrote this song for Marvin Gaye to be an R&B-song before offering it to Rogers to include it on his ‘Eyes That See In The Dark’ album


Jogeir Liljedahl – Guitar Slinger (Armandox 2015 Remake)

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For my latest track I went all the way back to my Commodore 64 and Amiga-roots and made a rework of a classic ‘MOD’ by Jogeir Liljedahl.

Back in the early 90’s I started composing and making music with Protracker and Fasttracker on the Commodore 64 and Amiga homecomputers. It was in the haydays of sampling when we had but 4 tracks available and had to hand-program all sounds, melodies and such by hand. It was more programming/coding than hands-on writing and composing we can do nowadays with modern DAW’s. There was a vivid demoscene which brought out numerous timeless and epic tunes. One of those really stood out for me. It was Guitar Slinger made by Norwegian Jogeir Liljedahl. His music has such a human and organic feel you could hardly hear it was ‘coded’ in a program. In honour of one of his songs (Guitar Slinger) I decided to do this remake.


Armandox – Nychthemeron Part 1 (The Awakening)

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The final mix of the 1st track from my forthcoming concept-album Nychthemeron can be listened to on my Soundcloud-page. I hope you enjoy this relaxing tune and share it on your Facebook and other social medias. Thanks in advance and I love you all!

nychthemeron (nik-THEM-er-on) noun

A full period of a day and night: 24 hours.

[From Greek, a combination of nykt- (night) and hemera (day).]

Ever wondered why day and night were divided into 12 hours? The number 12 is not as random as it sounds. There are 12 moons in a year. The number 12 is easy to divide into halves, thirds, and quarters. Also, some cultures counted in base 12: three joints on each finger (thumb as the counter).