Event Horizon – Exodus Part 1 & 2

A little side-project I’ve been working on together with Rick v.d. Eerden called Event Horizon. Exodus parts 1 and 2. Mellow new age synthe-landscapes.

Instruments used:

  • Doepfer Dark Energy
  • Moog Little Phatty
  • Arturia Microbrute
  • Waldorf Streichfett
  • Roland D50
  • Access Virus
  • Korg Kaos Pad
  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2
  • ReFX Nexus
  • Memorymoon ME80
  • RMI Harmonic

Recorded and produced with Logic Pro and Ableton Live 9. Mixed and mastered in Ableton Live 9

Lizardking’s Theme (Armandox Rework) on AmigaRemix and Remix64

My remix of Lizardking’s Theme is also available on AmigaRemix and Remix64, two websites dedicated to the lively demoscene of the 80’s and 90’s…

If you are so inclined, please do give me a little vote on there (you need to apply for a free account on their website to do so). I might be in the running for best Amiga remixer of the year 2018, but I do need your support…

Lizardking – Lizardking’s Theme (Armandox Rework) on Remix64

Lizardking – Lizardking’s Theme (Armandox Rework)

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It was about time I did another remix for the Amiga/C64 demoscene, which still has a great following.

I’ve always wanted to do a remix of this track, as it is so close to my heart composition-wise. I love how Gustaf Grefberg works with chord-progressions, and especially in this tune let’s the bass run chromatically lower and lower against those chord-progressions. Sorry if that sounds nerdish, but if you had any form of musical education in your life and know a bit about solfege you know what I’m talking about. That being said, I think it is one of the hallmarks of a great composer and I’m proud to have been able to do this remix, keeping as much true to the original as possible. I wanted this remix to come out as an improved version of the original. Admittedly I did this remix totally by ear (I haven’t taken a look at the MOD in Protracker or such to see what chords are played) as I wanted to challenge myself and wanted maybe also to put a little bit of my own vibe to the track, as you mostly can hear in the bassline, which is not done with a step-sequencer or drawn into the ‘piano-roll’ by the way, but played by hand (as all parts in this remix)…

I hope you will enjoy my take on Lizardking’s Theme

Koto – Dragon’s Legend (Armandox 30th Anniversary Remix)

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30 years ago Anfrando Maiola and Stefano Cundari (a.k.a. Koto) recorded a tune based on a videogame called Dragon’s Lair. They named it Dragon’s Legend. Since it’s 30 years ago I decided to do this anniversary remix of the track keeping mostly true to the original, although I composed and recorded some of my own parts to it aswell…

Jean-Michel Jarre – Industrial Revolution: Overture (Armandox Revolution Remix)

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Finally got around making a new remix. This one is from a Jean-Michel Jarre track called Industrial Revolution: Overture. Hope you enjoy the Armandox Revolution Remix…

Armandox – Song for Sam (Serenade in Dmaj)

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Simple intertwining lines by the piano and cello. No minor-chords, just major (happy) chords. Composed and recorded for Samantha

Armandox – Sara’s Theme

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Recorded and mixed in a couple of hours. Didn’t want to mess about to much with it and put it as plain as it was recorded. No quantization, no fancy mixing, pure music from the soul. Composed and recorded for Sara.

Grow Along – Dreams Come True (Demo)

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Hello musicfriends. Finally a little update on what I am doing lately in the wonderful world of music…

I’ve picked up playing the drums again for the band Grow Along. We play crossover-music written and composed by ourselves. Recently we did a very basic demo-recording of one of our songs: