Jean-Michel Jarre & Little Boots – If..! (Armandox Rework) at #1 on Radio Equinoxe

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Some time ago I send a couple of songs to Radio Equinoxe, a radiostation that features synthesizer-music from Jean-Michel and a lot of different artists in the genre aswell.

I find my rework/remix of If..! from Jean-Michel’s album Electronica Part 1: The Time Machine at the number one spot on Radio Equinoxe. If you like synthesizer music and are kind of a relaxed person in general I really recommend you give them a listen:


My rework can be downloaded in CD-quality from Soundcloud for FREE:

Die Frohliche Freunde – Afzien!

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Carnaval 2017 is almost upon us… In 2014 we recorded a song under the moniker ‘Die Frohliche Freunde’ (The Cheerful Friends) called Afzien (Renunciate).

We weren’t allowed by the original songwriter to release the song via a label, but we feel it’s a shame to let this song go to waste and wither into nothingness. That is why we are releasing it this year TOTALLY FOR FREE via SoundCloud. So tell all your friends and family so they can grab this tune! For good measure we also created a karaoke-version for your own sing-along parties…

Jean-Michel Jarre – Hey Gagarin (Armandox Frantic Remix)

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Here is another old mastertape I stumbled upon…

I think that Metamorphoses is one of the most overlooked albums from Jean-Michel Jarre (along perhaps with Geometry of Love)… But it contains so much good music. For a remix-contest for which I was way too late to enter I did this remix with gracefull thanks to Jean-Michel for releasing some of his samples from Hey Gagarin. Let’s shoot off into space once again and feel like Youri himself. I hope my remix will help you in the process…


The Lowlanders – The World

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Taken from the 2009 demo, this is The Lowlanders performing their version of Brad Paisley’s song The World

The Lowlanders are/were:

  • Leadvocals: Richard Stoppelenburg
  • Fiddle / Backingvocals: Peter van den Bos
  • Lead Guitar: Aldo Spadaro
  • Rhythm Guitar: Jaap Lagerweij
  • Pedalsteel: Johan Jansen
  • Keyboards / Backingvocals: Armand Segers
  • Bass: Martijn Roselaar
  • Drums / Backingvocals: Henry Litjens