Armandox – It Began In Africa (Radio Edit)

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Back in 2002 I was sitting behind my computer listening to the album Zoolook from Jean-Michel Jarre once again, and in the 2nd movement of the song Ethnicolor I suddenly had the idea to do a house/dance track using a sample from that track.

That’s what lays at the basic of this house tune I conjured up then. I started recording (my own) vocals and processing them together with coming up with some kind of theme/melody to carry the tune on the foundation of a steady four-to-the-floor house-beat. Here’s the result…


Event Horizon is painting musical landscapes with synthesizers

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Together with my dear friend Rick v.d. Eerden we embarked on a new project which we gave the name Event Horizon. We’re working on an album called Exodus.

Exodus reflects the journey and desire of leaving earth in search of new places. Using many beautiful ‘analog’ instruments such as the Doepfer Dark Energy, Moog Little Phatty, etc. we’re working on an epic musical storytelling yourney. As a preview we’re proud to let you hear the first track of this forthcoming album: