Armandox Psybase was live on the main stage at Burning Man 2021

You can relisten to the whole set below:


[INTRO] Jean-Michel Jarre – Waiting for Cousteau
Hypnocaustics – The Big Electron
Soundaholix – Salamander (Original Mix)
Perception – Realive
Indra – Games of Psy
Sensient – Immersion
David Laake – Saw
Deedrah – Reload (XoXo Remix)
Wanted – Even In The Dark
Nikroma – Contact Hangover
PsychNerD – Planet Nine
Stryker & Talamasca ft. Lucid – Boom Fucking Boom
Rave Nine – Ancient Saga
Behind Blue Eyes – The Epitome (Beat Bizarre Remix)
Electrypnose – ZHGLCSI
Mogo – It S Gonna Be Hot
Rollercoaster – Dukula
Cosmic Tone – CPH4

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