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Every now and then I create a remix of a track. You can listen to a few below:


This is my remix of Enigma's (Michael Cretu) tune Sadeness. I rearranged this track, and composed a few of my own bits to it. Produced, arranged and mixed by: Armand Segers Gregorian chants: Capella Antiqua München conducted by Konrad Ruhland Additional vocals by: Tess Fries and Armand Segers

From the album Metamorphoses... I recall there once was some kind of remix-contest for this song by Jean-Michel Jarre on jarre.net. Some samples were released and you were set on the loose. Naturally I was (as a good musician is), fashionably late to find out or enter for that contest, but I made my version anyways... The first guy in space, Youri Gagarin... Jean-Michel wrote a song about him, I remixed it... Remixed and produced in 2001 by: Armand Segers

One of the first tracks I've ever publicily released was this remix of Koto's Dragon's Legend. It was remixed and released via the Kosmik Free Music Foundation (KFMF) in 1998 as k_dragon.mp3 und the artistname Eclipse (which I called myself at that time) Original music by Stefano Cundari and Anfrando Maiola Vocals by Vera Lanpher and Michael Rye "Please save me! The cage is locked, with the key. The dragon keeps it around it's neck... To slay the dragon use the magic sword" "Dragon's Lair... The fantasy adventure where you become a valliant knight on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon!"

My dance-remix of this Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton song. Free for download. Please like and share :) Orignal music and lyics by: Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb Vocals by: Gerard Kielenstijn and Rebecca Schouw Arranged, produced and mixed by: Armand Segers

For this track I went back to my C64/Amiga roots. Yes, that's where it all started for me too. Working with Fasttracker or Protracker, having 4 lanes in which you could program samples. One song from the demoscene stood out for me, and it's this one by Norwegian-bound Jogeir Liljedahl. His song Guitar Slinger made such a profound impression on me and has such a human/acoustic feel, it was and still is amazing and one of, if not, the best 'modfile' that's out there, period! I remade it, keeping true to it's legacy yet adding a little bit of my own here and there. I hope y'all appreciate this remake.. Greetings to all from the Commodore 64/Amiga demoscene... You know who you are! For those looking for Jogeir's original module: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM7awvRbAuY Recorded, produced and mixed by: Armand Segers

This is my entry for the TalentHouse remix-contest for the song If..! organized by Sony Music, Jean-Michel Jarre & Little Boots. I gave the song my own touch and feel. As usual quite dreamy and 'synthe'. I tried to put a little 'Oxygene' in the song and wrote, recorded and mixed my own arrangement and slowed the song down a bit. I hope you enjoy, like and share!

A brand new rework / remix of my track 2 ^ 7. Check it out, loved it the minute i got sent it :) Original Track: https://soundcloud.com/djsuperchief/2-7-radio-edit

My dance-remix of Blurred Lines