This is where I bring you the best of psytrance and psyfi in the mix! All psybase-mixes can be found on youtube at Armandox Psybase youtube channel

Every now and then I will mix a live psytrance set across the grid in the virtual 3D world of Second Life™. If you have an account (free) and one of the also free Second Life viewers (I recommend Firestorm) you can then come say hello to me (Дямαηđσχ) and catch me spinning some psyfi at, amongst others, the following places:

☮ [s.mind]

☮ Happy Clam Island (Organica)

☮ The Bounce Bar

Please check my calendar to see when and where my upcoming sets are. All sets are recorded and you can listen to them below
If you would like to book me for set at your venue you can contact Ezzy in Second Life or send an email with details to:
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