ASE Music is a music production company and independant record label. It was founded by Armand Segers in 2019.

Armand (Armandox) is a long time musician, producer and sound engineer. He started his music career in the mid 80’s writing music on the Commodore 64 and Amiga homecomputers with programs such as Rockmonitor and Fasttracker for the so-called demoscene. Later he went on playing drums and keyboards for various bands in various styles and genres.

Armand learned sound technique and working with mixing-desks and peripherals doing FOH work for various bands and acts and working in studio’s. Also he studied keyboards at the Fontys Rockacademie. He pursued a career in music-production and started mixing, producing and remixing music for a multitude of acts besides also writing and producing his own music.

The time has come that all the knowledge and know-how is materialized into a company that provides you with quality recordings, productions and insight information in the music business at an affordable price. So here is ASE Music at your humble service.

Feel free to post any inquiries via our contact page.