ASE Music is coming soon…

ASE Music. Music production, publishing, on-site recording/tracking, sound engineering, sound design, beats, loops and talent/band coaching

We are hard at work developing and fine-tuning our services for you

Some of the services we are going to provide are:

  • On-site audio recording/tracking (max. 64 channels/96Khz/24bits)
  • (FOH) sound engineering
  • Music production/finalizing
  • Audio/P.A. rental
  • Music composition and arranging (transcribing/notation)
  • Remixing, reworking and rearranging music
  • Music publishing/releasing (under the ASE Music label)
  • Sound design
  • Mixing and pre-mastering
  • Beats and loops creation
  • Video recording and production/editing
  • Talent and band coaching (performance, repertoire, etc.)
  • Artist and band management

Coming soon… stay tuned