The services we provide for you are numerous:
  • On-site audio recording/tracking (max. 64 channels/48Khz/24bits)
  • (FoH) sound engineering
  • Music production/finalizing
  • Audio/P.A. rental
  • Music composition and arranging (transcribing/notation/scoring)
  • Remixing, reworking and rearranging music
  • Music publishing/releasing (under the ASE Music label)
  • Sound design
  • Mixing and pre-mastering
  • Beats and loops creation
  • Talent and band coaching (performance, repertoire, etc.)
  • Artists and band management

Are you a singer, composer/songwriter or do you have a band?
ASE Music is continiously looking for new talent.
Send us your demo and tell us what your plans and dreams are.
If our team is interested, we will contact you and guide you from the creation process and recording to the release and performances.

See you at ASE Music!