Armandox - Armandox - Father
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Armandox - Father


This song I was working on, when I heard my father had died in his sleep due to heartfailure... Therefor I dedicated this song to him...

This song was recorded just before my father died as an experimental jazz-tune. Then the phonecall came that my father had passed away, and thus I didn't change anything on it anymore and dedicated this song to him. I know he still is watching over us... So many things left unsaid, so many things left undone. We don't look back but stride forward into the future. Never take anything for granted is what you taught me, always take good care of yourself. It's the small things in life that make life worthwhile. I love you daddy! A jazz-exploration for the broad-minded... Dedicated to: (Danny) Dingeman Hendrikus Mattheus Segers 01-06-1943 - 23-07-2003 Music composed, produced and mixed by: Armand Segers