Armandox - Armandox plays Jean-Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields 2
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Armandox plays Jean-Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields 2


A remake of this most excellent song by Jean-Michel Jarre... done with Propellerhead Reason...

I created this cover of JMJ's track Magnetic Fields 2 (Chants Magnetiques 2) back in 2008 with Reason. Pretty driving track with some nice PWM-leads... It's pretty difficult or challenging to program the sounds from scratch, just to match the original. I unfortunately don't own a Fairlight CMI or an Oberheim OB-X... but hey, I tried my best and yes, this is what I do... Programming synths and sounds, and I did so with the utmost respect to the original... Perhaps I mastered it a bit more bass-heavy than the original and the sounds might not quite match up, but I surely hope you enjoy this... Please like, post and share *winky winky*